We are a dynamic and reliable Ghanaian agribusiness dealing in the procurement, production, and value addition of organic and conventional agro-products for both local and export markets.

The Community Stands at the centre of what we do.

We work directly with smallholder farmers and women groups in rural communities assisting and supporting their endeavours while also giving them access to markets in the cosmetic, food and animal feed industries.


Business in our setting has to do with productivity which is guaranteed through quality workforce and leadership. BonAgri prides itself in maintaining these traits without compromise.


Quality brings satisfaction and happiness. We ensure the satisfaction of our customers through first-class products and quality interpersonal relationships.


Consistency guarantees mutual business growth. We guard our principles and terms of services earnestly to ensure trust and continuity.

Our Community

We put ourselves in the shoes of the farmers and ensure their lives and wellbeing are positively impacted with each project we undertake.

Our focus is on organic and natural products from the African continent, committing ourselves to sustainable practices on the land and in the communities in order to deliver high quality services and products.